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Executive Cars has prepared some highlights that you may wish to visit enhancing your trip to Dunedin and surrounds, please see below:-

U Drive Radical (Open Top)

Highlands Experience The Exceptional

Visit Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, located only 45 minutes away from the adventure capital of the world – Queenstown – and experience exceptional fun for the whole family. From the high speed Single or Dual Go karts, to the insane adrenaline pumping fast laps in a Ferrari or Porsche GT3, we have thrilling adventures to meet every adrenaline need.

For those who are seeking something a little less fast-paced check out the wonderful range of experiences off the track. Take a stroll through the impressive sculpture park and enjoy the incredible mountain vistas on the horizon. Indulge in our Aroma Room Wine tasting: an exceptional experience for the senses. See classic and ultra-modern vehicles and discover the history of racing in the Highlands Motorsport Museum.

Our affordable, great value activities have Highlands rated as the #1 activity in our region – we are a must do when you come to Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago! Whatever your speed, we have an attraction to suit you and look forward to welcoming you to Highlands soon: a world class facility with adventures to match.


Sea Lion At Sandfly Beach

Sandfly Bay wildlife in a natural environment

A nesting place for yellow eyed penguins - He Kohaka Hoiho & a resting place for sea lions - He takotoraka pakake. Pakake are the rarest sea lions in the world. They once lived all around New Zealand's coast, but were hunted to near extinction over two hundred years ago. Pakake are returning to this coast to Breed.

(see our complimentary maps below for directions)

Tunnel Beach


Follow the fenced track downhill to the spectacular, rocky coastline. At the end of the track you will find the handcarved rock tunnel that gives Tunnel Beach it's name. Built in the 1870s, the passage allows access to a secluded and sheltered beach at the base of the cliffs.

(see our complimentary maps below for directions)

complimentary maps

For your assistance Executive Cars has supplied you with some local knowledge and maps while touring the South Island of New Zealand, please download.

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